Ranganayaki Srinivas at the Brahmam Talent School* #Montessori Day celebrations at Vengalarao Nagar, Hyderabad.

Half ... of what can be shared :-p


Wrapping up the Digital Power Workshop at the #digitalsummit at ISB.

Submit all portals!!! :-)

Make your business social, across the web

AdWords Site Policy - Best Practices


Comic based on the speech Bill Watterson gave at Kenyon College, Gambier Ohio, to the 1990 graduating class. Artwork...

#plusupdates for #hangouts


Join us tomorrow at 5pm GMT (12pm EST/9am PST) for a hangout with Ly and Joshua, two of our global policy...

Multi-Channel Funnels & Attribution Models




Interesting idea. Any teachers here tried this yet?

Is there an app for it? :-)

If you aren't following May Fong Robinson you are missing out on some amazing artwork and WIPs.


If you love reading #tamil books, check out the Sangapalagai #iOS app:

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Can't +1 this enough. Good feedback can help fix things faster.


If you saw the increased media drops in the past week and were wondering what message Jarvis was passing on to us in...

Being stuck in a location with super slow WiFi... can't +1 this enough :-/


Nik Collection preset of the week: Color Efex Pro 4 - Subtle Film Efex

If you have questions for Lena Levin, post them on her original thread.

Happy Independence Day :-)

If you are experiencing issues with the #Hangouts extension, check this post.

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Find insights from your data using custom dashboards, reports and advanced segments


An interesting initiative!

Apply for the Global Impact Challenge!

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An excellent demo of the features of Google Drive.

#protips for Google Drive

#protips for #communities

Introducing Android Device Manager, which will help you locate a misplaced device, as well as two other simple steps...


Demo by Glenn Vilppu

Had an interesting conversation with some friends about the new Gmail inbox.


Yup! That sounds right :-P

SITREP of Operation Deccan Dhakkan