Happy New Year Agents!

Happy New Year!!!!


The anticipation of a New Year grows. Father time will soon welcome Baby New Year and 2016 will be an Ingress Memory.

Spoke with Jahan again.

A brief missive from Hank today.

Tried quite a few UPI apps and this one's certainly the best.

Two factions. Two days left. Who will end up with the highest Global MU score on Dec 31st, 2016 at 23:59:59 UTC -12?

I had a feeling that we would hear a rebuttal to the Acolyte's anti-AI message from yesterday, and I was right.

There were many achievements and event that Agents could earn during 2016.

Only four more days remain in 2016. Like the last few days of the year, these passcodes are being redeemed fast.

My ultimate objective is to find Oliver Lynton-Wolfe, and I have some tools that might help me.

Hank Johnson reaches out to Lynton-Wolfe, but given that Hank and Devra have been traveling together recently (and...

Agents, with five days remaining in 2016 have you given thought to any New Year resolutions?

Yay!!!! 🤣

"In every day, there are 1,440 minutes.


day : noun

Jahan has obtained a fragment of a Howcraft document -- she'll give to Hank, but at a cost.

Seems like a good place for a guardian 😎 So hard to get past them!

#Birdwatching at Shilparamam 😉

Only eight additional diurnal cycles remain in 2016. What was your favorite Ingress moment from 2016's #IngressYear4?


Happy Holidays!!!


I spent much of today trying to figure out how Jahan had been able to turn the Prime Object into a communication...


Nine days until 2017!



Devra and I had barely made contact when the firestorm began.


#IngressMissionDay Shenzhen


Level up! 😎

Trainers, guess what hatched!

#IngressMissionDay Dubai


It's time to move! :-)

#IngressMissionDay Shenzhen

Found one!