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#protips for online safety



Anyone tried this?

Good point... Likes (or +1s) don't pay for vaccinations.


If you are in San Francisco during May 10 to June 28 check out Robert Minervini's exhibition After Glow: As The Wick...

Revisiting my Buzz posts. Shared by Matt Cutts on July 7, 2010.

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Revisiting my Buzz posts. Lisa Miller shared this with me on May 17, 2011 :-)

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I didn't even realize this was on the building until I saw the key!



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Watch it before it disappears again!

You told us what you would do #ifihadglass, now’s your chance to show us

Congrats Google Now team!


Ohhhhhhh interesting! Can't wait to get my hands on one of these :-D

The video from my joint talk at I/O about our Google+ Hangouts experiments at Coursera is now up:

All set for the weekend :-)


And we are live! Catch the live stream at

Pooja Srinivas was in a video call with 3 people.

RSVP here:

Very cool!


#protips for #glass #developers

#protips for #android #developers

Our first Wave Watchers #HiRL :-)



An article about Larry Page.

Try it now! #plusupdates



You have to see these examples of Google+ AutoEnhance!

About 14 years ago, I got a bad cold, and my voice became hoarse.

I shared this on a few teacher communities but it's an interesting video even if you aren't a teacher or a student.

Also watch the related video at and http://

15 GB now shared between Drive, Gmail, and Google+ Photos


The #1 reason my mom loves #ingress :-)

Explore the world through time and share your #timelapse

"Want to learn how to make your resume stand out to Google recruiters?

On May 9, 2013 at 7:00 pm watch Minister of State for Human Resources Development - Dr.

You don't have to break your bank to deploy a resonator :-)


We're excited to match your donations to "Innovating Women," a crowdfunded, and crowd-created book about women in...

Huh! Time to run I guess...

#protips for #drive

#protips for #drive

Thank You, Teachers :-)

For #android #developers



Watch the flight live at

This is exciting and scary at the same time!

chip that can charge phones with footsteps ... made for #ingress ?

Go get it! #ingress

This is really cool!


Want! (The bumper sticker and the self-driving car :-D)

Thank you Alfredo Abambres for the awesome redesign ;-)

Got this yesterday and have been playing with it all day long :-)