Ingress First Saturday's are Agent run and organized global events.

Stardust can be used to Power Up any Pokémon in your collection.

The saying is: You win some, you lose some.

Final #ViaLux Denver GORUCK​ challenge.

#ViaLux Denver, Portland and San Jose Final Score Report

#ViaLux Denver and San Jose M3 Snapshot Report

#vialux #SanJose iluminados fuerza

#ViaLux Denver and San Jose M2, Portland M3 Snapshot Report

via Ingress

#ViaLux Denver and San Jose M1, Portland M2 Snapshot Report

Preceding its sibling Anomalies by one hour, the Portland #ViaLux Anomaly has begun.

We now turn our attention to the western hemisphere, where the #ViaLux Americas begin in Denver, Portland and San...

#ViaLux Wroclaw, Birmingham and Turku Final Score Report

[Headphones recommended] Agent NCC1701R is broadcasting live via Periscope from the Cross Faction After Party in...

#ViaLux Wroclaw, Birmingham and Turku M3 Snapshot Report

Almost there!

#ViaLux Wroclaw, Birmingham and Turku M2 Snapshot Report

#ViaLux Wroclaw, Birmingham and Turku M1 Snapshot Report

How do you display your faction pride during the anomaly? Show us your team colors with hashtag #ViaLux .

Score Update - Denver Stealth Ops

Resistance spotted in Wroclaw.

Enlightened fighting hard and agent Gerald Scholz​ is watching them :)

#ViaLux is starting!

All the best, Agents!!

Score Update - Portland Stealth Ops


Lasers, dancers, green & blue lights!

Agents, starting Thursday afternoon PDT, items that are dropped on the ground will disappear faster than normal in...


African Elephant


Agents in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands are enjoying the #IngressMissionDay despite the gloomy weather.

I was against the Acolyte's plan to attack ADA.


Attending the #Ingress #ViaLux Anomaly series?

Get more than just your mind involved in the experience during the upcoming #Ingress #ViaLux Anomaly series.

Graz, have you seen the November Lima van? Register here: #NL1331EU #Ingress

Agents, attending the Denver #ViaLux Anomaly will be Rocking the Block with a street party after the event on...

It's Time To Move! LOVE this video!

November Lima is roaming the streets of Rome. Register here:

This one was tricky for me, but the clues are all there.

Agents, our Intelligence Operatives confirm reports that Devra Bogdanovich will be attending the Wroclaw Via Lux...

Ingress Agents, the #ViaLux Ingress Anomaly is almost here.

Which starter Pokémon did you choose in Pokémon GO?

Resistance Agents of Budapest are confident that their city will be blue at the end of the #ViaLux Anomaly on...

My latest post covers an advanced collection of recommendations for you to shift from being a Reporting Squirrel (if...


Zurich, November Lima has been spotted! Register here: #NL1331EU #Ingress


Agents, we are happy to announce a new Mission Day in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands on August 21st. #IngressMissionDay

Have you spotted the November Lima van in Munich?



Parthasarathy S's 100th birthday celebrations at Fountainhead The Global School

ADA recently began to speak in Japanese within the Ingress App -- a development that emerged after the events in...

Trainers in 15 new countries and regions across Asia and Oceania can now officially download Pokémon GO from the...

Pokémon GO can be more than just a game.

Luxembourg, have you seen November Lima on the streets? #NL1331EU #Ingress

Agents, we are happy to announce a new Mission Day in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands on August 21st. #IngressMissionDay