Professor Willow needs your help!

Hmm...the weather is looking particularly nice for July's #PokemonGOCommunityDay.


Here's to the friend who helps you take perfect AR pictures with your favorite Poké matter how many photos...


From the Trainer you just met during Community Day to the friend who is always ready to go on a Raid Battle with...

Get ready for a new set of Field Research tasks and rewards, Trainers!



We at Niantic are proud to embrace love and diversity in all of its forms.

Agent Olympiad 2018 is streaming now in English.


Alola, Trainers!

Agent Olympiad 2018 will be held this weekend in Japan on Saturday, June 23!


Agent Olympiad、いよいよ明日です!!

#protip Hatch your eggs before you open any gift boxes #PokemonGOFriend 🚶‍♀️

"I am most excited about the gifting feature.

Yay :-)

The Iceberg Pokémon, Regice, has awakened from its slumber and will appear in Raid Battles across the world until...

"Our primary goal when exploring these #PokemonGO features is to encourage Trainers to play together and connect...

Ohhhh it's time to make a list 😏

"Can't wait for Trainers to experience the power of Friendship-level bonuses!

Our lead Client Engineer Kirsten Koa describes how game balance was a key goal in her team's development process:...

Agents, Ingress First Saturday is a little over two weeks away!

#PokemonGOCommunityDay returns with a splash on Sunday, July 8, starring Squirtle!


We're excited to announce that friends, gifting, and trading are coming soon to Pokémon GO!



Best Community Day so far!

Best #PokemonGOCommunityDay so far!


Trainers, we know you’re ready for #PokemonGOCommunityDay.

Hey, Trainers!

Trainers, did you know?

Did you know that Larvitar is born deep underground and only surfaces after it has eaten the soil around it?

Come and join our awesome family! #NianticEngineering

Trainers, help Professor Willow expand his visual library of Pokémon by taking AR photos of your Water-type Pokémon...


The final message from the NIA operatives in Cross Plains to Hank Johnson:

Another intercepted transmission from the group of NIA operatives to Hank Johnson:

Previously, we celebrated Earth Day by working with NGOs to remove over 6.5 tons of garbage from our waterways!

A source intercepted a message to Hank Johnson sent from a group of NIA operatives:

Attention, Trainers: Our Water Festival starts NOW!

Our Water Festival💧is coming back with a wave of Water-type Pokémon appearing more frequently all over the world

We are aware of the log-in issue and are currently working to identify the cause and a resolution.

OPR Update Incoming: Qualified Agents are now able to review submitted Portals edits via OPR.

New toy 😁


Need an Aerodactyl to fill your Pokédex?

Seize your opportunity to add even more Legendary Pokémon to your Pokédex. Latias and Latios are leaving on June 5!

Getting excited for the Lviv event in about an hour!

Hey, Trainers!

Shout out to one of our #Niantics who won our internal Trek Challenge: Dennis.

❤️ this team! 🙂