#plusupdates :-p


Dozens of wild Pokémon have taken up residence on streets, amidst forests and atop mountains throughout Google Maps.

I was worried for a moment, but the path of the future has been shaped by the action of Resistance agents.

It was not only a crushing defeat for me, but for humanity.

Another win for Resistance :-) Next stop, LA!

Woah what a turnout! Go Berlin :-)

Attention LA Agents!

Now you can get to your favorite Google products even faster by customizing how they appear in your Google bar.

Time to stock up! :-)

The Chennai Enlightened are ready to pounce. Very cool design, Anirudh Rangarajan

The #EliteV have landed :-)


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Protip: To track the Pinpoint Location of the #NL1331 XM Collection Vehicle as it travels from Mountain View to Los...

Share your #ingressroadtrips

#EliteV Road Trip!


#Vodafone ground support for #Recursion Berlin

Tip of the week: Tell a meaningful story with data

Crop and Mask your images without leaving Slides. Yay! :-)


Had fun at TED conference recently with a quick conversation with Charlie Rose about where Google is headed.

Among the hearsay floating around the release of Tycho's next comic was the theory that he may have revisited his...

This world around you is not what it seems!


Image: ScienceAlert

And it's on!

#Recursion Boulder about to begin! #Ingress

It's a clean sweep by the Enlightened at #IngressKyoto

Need to charge your phone? It's time to move!

It's M2 and #IngressKyoto is all green!

Go Enlightened!! :-)

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Spot the #NL1331 yet?


#HiRL with the #EliteV :-)

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H/T Ranganayaki Srinivas

Another excellent tutorial from one of my favorite art tutors.

Brilliant tactic, Agents :-)



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Sharing what’s up our sleeve: Android coming to wearables

#ingress #recursion

And its here! #MotoX

#ingress #Recursion

Attention Agents in SF!

Don't have Drive on all your computers, phones, and tablets yet?