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Shiras Babu​ Sachin Shenoy​ Varun Verma​ how many layers did you end up with? :-)

ENL India up to something... 😼

Coming soon to a wrist near you: Ingress on Android Wear.


Or #whiteandgold? 🐒

Which one would you choose? 😏

Congrats Capt! Mine is nowhere close to this 😛

Open Internet

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A true force for awesomeness.

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Woooohoooo! 🙌

#Endgame #AncSoc

Congrats to Pavni Diwanji, Shimrit Ben-Yair, Fred Gilbert, Amar Gandhi and the many other talented folks who brought...

CS First is a program Google's K-12 team launched to expand CS education in South Carolina ... and now it's national!

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Seeking intel from #Shōnin Anomalies Today

#Shōnin 02 results - ENL races ahead! 😼

#Shōnin 02

Scores for #Shōnin 01 are in! 😊

#Shonin 01 leading towards a nail biting finish!

M2 scores...

M1 scores are in!


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More power!!! :-)

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Why not use Japanese, cheese & meatballs to learn English? :-)

Registered your city for #IngressFS yet?


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Beginner's Guide to the World of Watercolor

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#protips for #inbox

A good tutorial on identifying transparent and opaque colors in your kit.

Special offer from Google today: run a 2-minute security check on your account (which is really a good idea anyway)...

A new record! Congratulations, Agent frogwithnoname 👍


[Release info - “cheero #Ingress Power Cube 12000mAh”]

Fountainhead The Global School featured on the Google for Education site.


Is Roland Jarvis on his death bed?



Danger, sabotage, betrayal.

What do Delhi agents do while waiting for #IngressFS? Throw mega fields of course :-p

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