Ready for #IngressFS?

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RSVP on the event if you'll be joining the Chennai Agents for #IngressFS this weekend.

My LinkedIn conference talk, "The Best Recruiter at Google", is up!

Have you ever seen half a million dollars in gold?

Vote for the your favorite #doodle

I won’t bore you any more with the challenges to making these posts.


"Our story is a game." Niantic Labs' John Hanke and flint dille discuss social, XM Anomalies, YouTube, novels, and...

Join November Lima and Ethan Lepouttre this coming week at the following locations for NIantic hosted cross faction...

Even the biggest sports fans have other stuff going on.

#SwachhBharat Abhyan at our society. We plan to spend a couple of hours every Sunday cleaning our surroundings.

I haven’t written yet about this recursion.

Google Now, now keeps you updated about local festivities and their various versions.


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Celebrating #Mangalyaan 's month in the Mars Orbit

If you are still waiting for an invite, email


To celebrate #IngressYearTwo - Double Fun, Double AP!

Diwali greetings from Agent Deepak Goyal​ 🎆

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Happy Diwali to our Indian friends all over the world!

I believe that the breadcrumb I left about the so-called ‘Diodati Epiphany’ was intended to remind me of a theory I...

LOL! Darsana a day keeps the Dengue away 😛

Let's march ahead together and promote unity.

🎆🎇 Happy Diwali from Mr. Jingles 🎆🎇

#protips for #inbox

Our biggest rethink of email since gmail, really excited about Inbox

#IngressFS events around the world. Is your city on the list? 😎


Join November Lima and Ethan Lepouttre this week at the following locations for Niantic hosted Cross faction events!


A new piece of intel from the same source who provided the information yesterday about the #Darsana Anomalies and...

Another impressive achievement during #Darsana 01. Congratulations, Agents!

#Darsana 02

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