February’s First Saturday is fast approaching!

Attention any Agents who are still using the original Ingress app: starting today we will require you to use Ingress...

Every day, we’re excited to see more Trainers start the new year by picking up where they left off in their Pokémon...

The Hoenn celebration continues as the Legendary Pokémon Kyogre and Groudon have started to appear in Legendary Raid...

Our Hoenn celebration starts now, Trainers!



A worthy cause! #savethesparrows


Trainers, it’s time to gather your friends and set out on another Pokémon GO adventure.

It’s time to get your priorities in sync, Trainer.

Lazing around like a Slaking today?



Trainers, our first Pokémon GO Safari Zone event in South America is coming to Porto Alegre, Brazil, on January 25!

New year = new research tasks + new Research Breakthroughs!