Cell Check: AS12-ECHO-03 is all blue thanks to #ResistanceMumbai

Cell Check: AS12-FOXTROT-05 just had a jump in green.

Join Manasa Musunuri for a hour-long session on Autism Awareness on March 8.

#Recursion events in Nashville, Little Rock and Mobile this weekend :-)

#plusupdates for iOS

Spotlight on India #IngressReport


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The India Enlightened have blocked this attempt. Wonder what the next move will be!


#PortalAppeals has a new address. Join the community!

This is exciting!



Joe Philley's taking a trip down memory lane.

Capturing portals 2150ft above sea level - Sounds like a fun trip! :-)

It's all green here :-) How's your cell doing?

For folks who wonder what we look for when we hire, this is it.

The Delhi Agents at India Gate

Resistance India always has some cool gear at every anomaly :-)

More on Op Aurora Borealis. Go Enlightened! :-)