Treats (no tricks) this Halloween :-p


Attention Agents:

Attention Agents:



Live #plusupdates :-)

Go Frogs!! :-)

The final set of booklets. The kids had fun creating their own versions.


"If you'd like for us to re-evaluate Portals that you feel have been incorrectly rejected or removed from the...

#datavisualization in Spreadsheets

#plusupdates for Google+ Pages - if you want to delegate your responsibilities to another team member but don't...


A few more yummy booklets and some that are waiting to be colored.

I'm really excited about uProxy, a new browser extension that helps people in repressive countries.

Cast your Vote and help your favorite cause win the Global Impact Award

This is one of the questions I get in every single Analytics session. A must read blog post from Avinash Kaushik

#plusupdates for #iOS fans

At the #gbghyderabad launch event

Just got done with earnings. Here were my remarks:

Which stage are you in? :-)

Can't move until they are old enough for #ingress

Good advice for artists :-)

#ingressreport from India - a roaring start to #13Magnus

Woooohoooo! Go ENL!

Bug report: #ingress time needs to include another hour or so unless you have VR HS and VR MH deployed.

Go frogs! :-)

via Vivaik Bharadwaaj

Syed Malik Mairaj talking about basics of Search

Sreeraman Thiagarajan introduces #gbgmumbai at #GdayX

"Window shopping" for Bikes via Google Business Photos

#GdayX #mumbai is on!

#plusupdates for #communities

Chromebooks in India!

One of the millions of reasons to ♥ Google :-)