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#Persepolis O2

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#Persepolis 01 - Final Summary of Anomaly Conditions:

#persepolis #goruck

M3 scores are out

#Persepolis 01

M2 scores

M1 scores are out!

First Impressions on Kavach, the electric bike

Prep for the ‪#‎Persepolis‬ Anomaly events on May 30 (Bratislava, DC) and June 20 (Sendai, Utrecht, Portland) with...

Don't forget! DC AwesomeCon panel at 5:30pm ET tonight! Room 152.

All of our Android courseware is available to take for free. Happy learning!

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New XM Collection Vehicle

The first #Persepolis Anomalies are just a few days away, beginning in Bratislava and Washington DC this Saturday.

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#3. Get healthy by playing #Ingress.

Go with #3.

#Q-Workshop will be present in some #Persepolis Primary and Satellite cities this weekend.

Approaching the #Persepolis Anomalies in Bratislava and DC, ENL have captured Shards 32, 33, 36, 41. Reminder that...

#GoogleDoodle Dr.

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Users in Japan!

Something Wright implied, knowingly or unknowingly, on the BTS broadcast has been ringing through my head since last...

And what’s going on with this +GORUCK HQ exercise? Is that some kind of NIA or +IQTech Research training?

Attention European Agents!


Please stand by.

I'll be at the #Persepolis Anomaly in Washington DC.

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Is this true?

Agent Intel: The #LightmanShards contain the pattern of Niantic Project researcher Stein Lightman, widely known for...

Ingress Weekend in Bratislava is just around the corner!

Users attending Persepolis Tohoku, marketplace submission will be closed in 2 days, on 5/20.