I've been wondering the same thing a lot of the Agents in D.C.

#FirstDayFirstShow 😎

Get fired up, Trainers!🔥 Entei is now available in the Americas.

Kodamasmiles seems to be making this a regular thing.

For a limited time: Chansey, Mareep, Larvitar, and others are hatching from special 2 km Eggs.



More on Hank and my findings related to the Ken Owen murder in DC.


It's Tuesday!

With the emergence of the Exogenous, and the unknown that they bring, it is imperative that Agents cover humanity...

Five years ago at the Niantic Project, Devra Bogdanovich warned Oliver Lynton-Wolfe not to conduct his ill-fated...


Yay! Keeping an eye out for awesome new locations to add. Road trip, anyone?

"Changing the Portal Network is one way in which we chip away at the bubble that has kept us safe and sane.

Portal Submissions returned to the Ingress Scanner today, and many Agents celebrated that news.

Trainers, start the new season with some new items!


Seoul anomaly was very impressive.


Results for the #13MAGNUSReawakens in The Americas are in!

Phase 3 Update: ENL jumps ahead in D.C and Kansas City.

End of Phase 2: After a tough Phase, ENL Agents sweep D.C, Kansas City, and Belo Horizonte.

Hank and I might be at cross purposes here in Washington D.C.


Phase 1 complete: RES lead 67:33 in Stockholm, 67:33 in Ljubljana, and 64:36 in Turin.

I'm sitting awake, watching the final #13MAGNUSREAWAKENS Anomalies kick off -- manically refreshing PAC's scoreboard...


Push ups!

Summer might be over, but the fun is just beginning!

Thanks to all the Trainers who attended our Pokémon GO Safari Zone events in Europe!

Agents, share your upcoming XM Anomaly experience by using the hashtag #13MAGNUSReawakens on your social posts.

Kodamasmiles isn't mincing words... here's her take on #13MAGNUSREAWAKENS:

Can't make it to our upcoming XM Anomaly?

Trainers, it’s time for a style change!

With the Niantic MAGNUS fractured, the future is uncertain and needs your help!


Hank Johnson said it.


Agents, Mission Days are a great way to explore the upcoming #13MagnusReawakens Anomaly Cities on Sep 24th!

A body found near the Kennedy Center.

Tap to hear Raikou's legendary battle roar!

The world is your canvas! ✨

The Alliance of the Vanguards is seeking members!

Lace up your shoes and charge your phone - two more mission days are just around the corner!

The first series of Pokémon GO Safari Zone events in Europe are just around the corner!

#GoogleDoodle Happy Teacher's Day!

It is Monday.

Agents attending the Seoul Anomaly on September 23rd will be able to participate in GORUCK Stealth, Urban OPS, and...

Why 'Pokemon Go' and Its Ilk Are the Future of Video Games

Agents, NL1331E will be coming to the following cities this September. Catch up with it at a city near you!