For all ye iOS fans :-)

It is quality pre kindergarten or lots of quality time with have to get it somewhere

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I got 2 today!



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Great story!

We'll be hosting Office Hours for Hangouts-related questions, concerns, or feature requests.

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Happy Earth Day!

Go on... share it. And wait for your passcodes from Ingress

More about the new comments on Blogger

Waiting for my power cube Ingress :-)


Anyone tried this yet?


Tech Tips for Artists

A walk down the memory lane... recognize any of these places in #Chennai ?

We are in the middle of our Q1 earnings call right now. Here are the remarks I just gave.

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We are pleased to announce the launch of two new Chrome for Business features that will make it easier for schools...


This is an awesome feature for chat-o-holics like me :-)

Will be testing this out this weekend!

"Rex Havoc loves an adventure, but recently he's been finding his life taking a turn for the strange.

We have launched Person Finder to help people caught in the explosions in Boston. Learn more.

Thanks to Ade Oshineye's post, I now have custom search descriptions and a snazzy error page.

There is a lot I agree with in this article. Maybe less news is better.

A write-up on the Women on the Web program :-)

Interesting article!

Today, we’re launching a new feature that makes it easy to tell Google what you want done with your digital assets...

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Go Malaysia!



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Start sketching people!

Interesting idea!

#HiRL with Trey Ratcliff at Google Tokyo

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Now when you search for a font that isn’t available on Google Web Fonts, we show you additional fonts available from...

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Share this with kids or teachers around you.


Live in 20 minutes! Now and Later: The Problem of Self-Control


Onsite workshop in San Diego. Reach out to Little Fish Studio or Patrick Yurick if you are interested.


My tablet's emitting an eerie glow. Think it's safe to pick it up?

If you are still waiting for an invite code, here's one way to get it. #alignment #ingress

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Just got the message that the book has been downloaded to my library. Can't wait to read it :-) #ingress



You asked for Fiber in more places, and we've worked hard to make that happen.