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The make or break question for your 2014 resolutions: "Will you be able to do it in the last few hours of NYE 2015?"...

Happy New Year to Agents around the world. May your paths be always full of XM and interesting portals :-)

Ring in 2014 :-)

Happy New Year! :-)

via Jaana Nyström

It's time to recruit! Good thing you can't recycle your invites :-)

#protips for #ingress Agents

This will have to do until I get the #ingress patches from the Google Store :-)


And it's here! My latest toy is a Solar Backpack from

Ta dah! :-)

Keep hacking :-)

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H/T John Blossom

Are you casting your Santa?

Still waiting for mine :-)

"Year In Review" video feature rolling out soon!


Today's Google Doodle... brrrrrrr


Starting in 15 mins...



Here is what the world searched for in 2013.

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Jarvis is back!

Finally got my Chromecast!





#protips for #portalappeals

If you're making a list (and checking it twice!), it's now even easier with some new updates to Google Keep.

We only have a few hours left and we are so close! Please take a moment and sign this online petition.



Woah! 5 of the 13 Shards have reached the Enlightened end-point!



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