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Despite A Detection Algorithm's absence, the Niantic Investigation continues to unearth the secrets of those...

Ingress First Saturday is coming.

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Head back to school with new features in Google Classroom

Now that's one way to celebrate 👏👏👏

#MissionDay Paris 😍

Look what came in the mail!

3 years ago we embarked on a project to put computing inside a contact lens -- an immensely challenging technical...

Bumped into some #Ingress celebrities today 😉


It is very, very, very, important to point out this is not about religion.

Happy Independence Day!

The #Endgame universe continues to expand!


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Is that what we want? Kids who get straight As but hate learning?

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Really excited about our big news, announcement of Alphabet!

I think the Alphabet name is Awesome. …

Hangouts 4.0 for Android is here!

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Is ADA truly dead, or merely a phoenix awaiting rebirth?

That explains the missing roads 😉 Nice work, Agents 😃

Epic Reads puts Endgame The Calling's ending on its list of 10 Big WTF Moments in YA. Spoilers ahead!

Breaking: Just saw this flying through the signals.

Trey Ratcliff’s Photowalk Across the US

Some interesting news surrounding A Detection Algorithm today.

CK12 has open books for most courses. This is really pretty revolutionary and it is all FREE. Check it out

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#Ingress friendships for ever 😎