Another image of the ABADN facility from Calvin's files.

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via Niantic Project​

This image was found in Calvin's files.

Felicia Hajra-Lee's latest revelation peers deep into the heart of #Abaddon. Into its very core....



Agents, it's been an amazing year.

Happy Holidays! 😊

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I am this baby #elephant

Ghost Town

A new 'Glyph Command Channel' appears to be emerging in the Ingress Scanner app.

This message was found via the Portal Network in Okinawa just moments after the Enlightened laid claim to the...


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Those look yummy!!


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I like big bafs and I cannot lie!



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A source sent this my way -- she said she found it in a local paper more than a week ago.

Can't wait for #PokemonGo


An album of what it's like to participate in an IngressXGoRuck event #Abaddon #Ingress #GORUCK

A billion mind units and a whole bunch of fish units 😉

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