In celebration of Niantic's Darsana Prime XM Anomaly and GORUCK events in Tokyo from March 22-24, we are offering a...

Agents, with the impending shut down of Google+ approaching in April, we wanted to provide you with an update.


And it's on!

Off to explore Pune 🚶‍♀️

Agents from both Factions put in a valiant effort, but it looks like the Resistance are going to be taking home the...

We have our first update from the AMER region for #DarsanaPrime!

It's the final hour of this weekend of #DarsanaPrime! Which faction will take home the Darsana Lens?!

We're all tied up and it’s down to Albuquerque, Asuncion, and New Orleans to round up day 1 of #DarsanaPrime!

With an incredible comeback the Enlightened take Athens and Genoa, while the Resistance win Lisbon.

Update #2 is in from the EMEA #DarsanaPrime Anomalies.

The Resistance put on a strong showing in APAC, now it’s time for Athens, Genoa, and Lisbon to enter the fray!



We've received correspondence from our embedded reporters that Resistance Agents are turning Pune, blue!

Agents, we now have our second #DarsanaPrime update from Quezon City and Pune!

Agents are on the move as the competition heats up in Quezon City!

The first #DarsanaPrime score update from Quezon City and Pune is here!


We have our first #DarsanaPrime scoring update from Auckland!


Meet this Agent who went above and beyond on the quest for the Cassandra Neutralizer badge.



It's here!!!


Did ya catch em all? 😏

Gotcha ✨


A few more days left for the Niantic Beyond Reality Developer Contest.

February 2019 Ingress AMA Selected Questions and Answers


Congrats on your first Op! :-)