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Tuning back in.

We want to hear your best #AdventureWeek story!

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Congratulations 👏👏👏👏

What do Dublin, London, Hamburg, Deventer, Brussels, Frankfurt and Munich all have in common?

Agents, take a look at last week's 13MAGNUS Reawakens event with this highlight video.

To all of the Agents who participated in the MAGNUS Builder event - thank you.


A new MAGNUS was created at the 13MAGNUS Reawakens event in Navarro, CA this past weekend.

During #AdventureWeek, your Buddy Pokémon will earn Candy four times as fast! Which buddy are you walking with?

Despite the fervent denials that she's been looking into anything fishy up here, Kodama has turned up some...

#MedalCheck #MagnusBuilder

Which Rock-type Pokémon are you looking to add to your Pokédex this weekend?

A short update from 13MAGNUS: Reawakens... The energy here is palpable. Special.

It's #AdventureWeek! Grab a friend, take a hike, and share your best photos as you explore new sights.



Put on your Expedition Hat and show us your best #AdventureWeek outfit!

Made it to camp Navarro!!


Had a curious conversation with someone who's deep in the know.

Riley and his assistant are burning the midnight oil.

It has arrived.

Pokémon GO is now on Instagram!

U.S Agents

Yesterday, I received a warning from an anonymous source.

Is someone live blogging this session? :-D

Thank you, Agents, for helping us evaluate portals by using Operation Portal Recon.

Adventure Week is coming!

After the success of their XM folding research produced enhanced Power Cubes, IQ Tech East shared their newfound...

Hank Johnson weighs in on the emails that I published over the last two days -- sharing his recollections of the...

As promised, the continuation of yesterday's drop -- a letter purportedly sent to Hank Johnson.

Over 100 agents met last Saturday in Almaty, Kazakhstan to explore the city during an #IngressMissionDay.

#GoogleDoodle Happy Mother's Day!

Amazing #missiondays in Malaka


Woohoo! Go #TeamMystic

Niantic's Patron Portal for 13MAGNUS Reawakens is coming along nicely.

On 24 JUN 2017, the city of Busan in South Korea will be holding a Mission Day.


The third group of images showcasing Tycho's representations of MAGNUS Archetypes...


Last Saturday agents from all over Europe met in Prague to attend the #IngressMissionDay.

We have arrived!!!!!

As I mentioned a few days ago, I was able to obtain some pages of a highly protected IC document that covers, in...



Here is the next set of images I was able to obtain from a collection that I currently believe to by Tycho's...

Some time ago, a series of images were uncovered from Agent Kodama's recent briefings on #FateOfThe13.

Malaysia agents we will be doing an agent stat competition in Kuala Lumpur for the opportunity to win 11 different...

Edit: If you are having issues seeing the new stat, you need to deploy one resonator to see the new stat after you...

Agents, we are aware of the delay with the MAGNUS Builder statistic in the scanner updating the amount of Resonators...

More Grass-type Pokémon are now appearing around the world!



May's Ingress First Saturday is happening on May 6th.


I seem to recall hearing rumors about this before, but now it seems on better authority.

Take this all with a grain of salt -- the report comes to me second-hand, but I do trust the source -- Akira...

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Had the opportunity to meet KodamaSmiles briefly this weekend.