Never having to ask where the bathroom is makes leaving your comfort zone a little more comfortable.


The full sitrep of the #Unight16 India Op. Impressive teamwork, Agents :-)

LOL! And spend a few hours pacifying an angry mob :-p

The Translator Medal recognizes Agents who have mastered the Shaper Glyphs.

#IngressUpdates #IngressReport

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Agent Partha (Parthasarathy S) showing off his new badge :-)

When did I know Google was different?

Awwwwww 😍

Greetings Agents.

My latest post on LinkedIn.

Republic Day celebrations at the SMR Fountainhead school for Construction Workers

Added photos to Republic Day Celebrations at SMR Fountainhead School.

Republic Day Celebrations at SMR Fountainhead School

An interesting article on how glasses designed for the medical field find an place in art.

“When I put on the glasses, I saw the warmth in my painting disappear.

Impressive 3D rendering

Happy Republic Day!

If you want to visit NASA here's your chance.

Interesting point!

An awesome Op and newbie-friendly too!

Great work, Agents!

Woah! Resistance India flying it's kite over India, China, and Bangladesh. Belated Shankaranti wishes? :-p

My version of an Altoids Watercolor kit :-p

#IngressFS Kolkata on Feb 7

#IngressFS Delhi on Feb 7


Riverbed: #EDM Prompt Something Under Water

Love the "Schedule posts" feature in Blogger.

Riverbed: #EDM Prompt Something Under Water

Heads down investigating some interesting new developments. Will be back next week.


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This is brilliant!

New category for Everyday Matters

#IngressFS on Feb 7 - Which location will you pick? 😎

Earlier, Ken Owens announced the Recruiter Medal to reward Agents for activating and mentoring new Agents.

The Feb 21 and Mar 28 Anomaly Series name has been identified: 証人 (Shōnin).



Woah! Happy Shankaranti, Agents 😊

A domain name says a lot about who you are and what you do.

Hot off the press: #IngressFS 7-Feb list of events happening around the world (

For Ranganayaki Srinivas

Weekend project 😊

"We are the Players. Your Players. We have to play." #EndgameIsHere

+Ingress candy. Yum! 😺



Announcing our refreshed Learning Center for teacher training!

Coooooookies 😍