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Festival of Light Mission Update


ADA has fully returned to the Resistance after being reactivated through their Via Lux victory.

I've been seeing some scattered reports that ADA Refactors have been observed emerging from the Portal Network.

Pokémon GO can be more than just a game.

#MissionDay Mumbai 😎

It's chai and pakodas time in Mumbai!

Calculate the delta for St. Louis (the two numbers on the right). Someone is watching. And smiling. #delta102

#Ingress #ViaLux Finale: Series Five - Toronto, St. Louis, and Santiago Measurement One Score Update

The past, present and future are nothing but a stubbornly persistent illusion. #delta102

#Ingress #ViaLux: Series Three Setouchi, Macau, Singapore, and Mumbai Final Measurement Score Update

#Ingress #ViaLux: Series Three Setouchi, Macau, Singapore, and Mumbai Measurement Two Score Update

#Ingress #ViaLux: Series Three Setouchi, Macau, Singapore, and Mumbai Measurement Three Score Update

Beautiful weather for an anomaly

#Ingress #ViaLux: Series Three Setouchi, Macau, Singapore, and Mumbai Measurement One Score Update

Niantic's Tatsuo Nomura, Game Director and Product Manager for Pokémon GO, will be speaking at the Spikes Asia...


Lux Adventure Update: As #LuxAdventure stories continue to pour in across social media, we want to provide agents an...

I am not missing or in any danger. Just... processing things.

The limited edition #ViaLux Beacon & Fracker pack are back on sale in the Ingress store.

Registration is open for the October Ingress First Saturday event.

Trainers, Pokémon GO is being updated to version 0.37.1 for Android and 1.7.1 for iOS with minor fixes for the...

Introducing the NEW Lux Adventure Medals!

Challenge yourself beyond the scanner during the upcoming Ingress #ViaLux Anomaly.

What's your favorite Eevee Evolution in Pokémon GO?

1,240 Agents from 48 cities in 24 countries earned 144 million AP, gained 176 levels and walked 3,842 km during...

Each year in October, Berlin Germany transforms its landmarks, monuments, and buildings into pieces of art using...

Call for Embedded Reporters: All September 24th Anomaly Cities

Agents, the Singapore Ministry of Health and National Environment Agency are reporting new cases of Zika every day.

The oldest man in our family (100 years) talking about nano technology, robotics and thymio.

Show off your team pride when you are looking for Pokémon in the real world by downloading an official Pokémon GO...

Picked your buddy yet? 😏


Attention Agents:

Agents, the registration and after party location for the #ViaLux Cologne Anomaly has been confirmed.

Parthasarathy S​ talks about his first 100 years, his latest gadgets and more 😎

It’s almost here!


Pokémon GO is about blending gameplay and imagination with getting exercise and exploring the real world around you.

Over the weekend, Shanghai, China hosted an Ingress Mission Day with over 1,000 Agents participating!

Hank Johnson received a tip about a lost Lovecraft/R.

If you are in Mountain View, CA, check this out. Worth a visit.

The November Lima van has been seen on the streets of Amsterdam! Register #NL1331EU #Ingress

Trainers, the upcoming version of Pokémon GO introduces a new Buddy Pokémon experience.

Witness the energetic and competitive #ViaLux Day One as it unfolded on the ground in this #IngressBurstReport.