Testing my new waterproof gel pens. Sketches from an art meetup at Shilparamam.


Pocket Gamer shares some info on the upcoming mobile game.

"Welcome to being human, ADA.

Finally have a reason to join Pinterest 😛


Love the layers!

"Dearest creature in creation

Hilarious and true! It's easier to listen to news than watch it (well, except for Arnab's shows).

"When your mind is open, fear recedes.

These interrogation camera feeds were provided by an unknown source earlier today.

How to View the Interview Movie

Some people have asked about the easiest way to watch "The Interview" using our services if you have an iPhone or...

Ah this is where #Snapdeal customer support gets their training from :-p (credit:

Felicia Hajra-Lee's retelling of Epiphany Night and the events surrounding the Niantic Project is now live as an...

If you give machine intelligence a cookie, she's going to ask for a glass of milk. Thanks to the Google+ team for...

#SnapdealScam posts displayed on their own website 😛


Kunal Bahl & Rohit Bansal We, the students of SMR Fountainhead School for Children of Construction Workers, feel...

Oh yum! Collect all badges!!!


Happpppppppy holidays!


Oops! :-D

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Kunal Bahl Rohit Bansal Snapdeal The toy box we ordered was a gift for these kids.

Triplicane, Chennai roads beautifully decorated with rangoli.

Terribly disappointed with Snapdeal.

Feb 21:

#protips for #MissionsforGood authors