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That's some intense activity in the Mumbai cell!


#protips for #ingress submissions

Congrats #eliteV :-)

New admissions at Fountainhead The Global School :-)

New admissions at Fountainhead The Global School :-)

Join us Thursday, January 30 for a great, free live session with watercolor artist and illustrator Kathy Jurek!

Agent Azhar Mulani has Western India covered!

Enlightened ruling the roost in this cell. Will Resistance turn the tables within the next few hours?


So much fun!

So much fun!

#protips for #analytics


If you are interested in learning to use SketchUp for your artwork, check out this workshop.

Excellent tutorials for inking in Gimp. Thanks so much Patrick Yurick :-)

Excellent tutorials from Patrick Yurick for Gimp

Happy Republic Day :-)

Where is India? :-|



INGRESS REPORT | Enlightened Launch Global Ops - EP42 is now live:

via Jon Wiley

via Scott Johnston

#protips for Portal submissions

Agent Partha (aka Parthasarathy S) is a fast learner :-)

Celebrate Digital Learning Day on February 5



".....a smart contact lens that’s built to measure glucose levels in tears using a tiny wireless chip and...





#protips for #analytics


Congrats! This is so cool!

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Google+ Communities Directory

Join us at 2:00 Eastern to hear about the work of the Strategy Panel on ICANN’s Role in the Internet Governance...


vint cerf's thoughts on the use of technology in Education

New Agent Training

"You had one job!"

Shiny new badges :-)

The latest version of Google Play Services for Android has Drive APIs that make it even easier to integrate your app...


This week on the #IngressReport , Susanna Moyer reports from an unknown location, admitting a former relationship...

Workshop and Art Expo - Venus Studios Art Supply

So true :-D

I don't see why everyone complains about folding shirts. Watch how easy it is:

Questions about your portal submissions or appeals? Read on!