Been seeing a lot of folks talking about #IngressOrigins.

Onagawa, JP Future Planners help organize ‪#‎MissionDay‬: Onagawa after the #Persepolis Anomaly in Sendai, JP to...

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Behind the scenes at Ancient Societies. Follow Robyn on Instagram at

A young man went to seek an important position at a large printing company.

Critical test failure. Large release of faction controlled xm. Occupants have been exposed to severe doses of xm.

Announced live by Cryptozoic Entertainment co-founder and CEO, John Nee, on Behind The Scanner, news has emerged of...



NEW POST: Location Unknown | Ancient Societies #AncSoc

NEW CHALLENGE: Question Mark | Ancient Societies #AncSoc

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A mysterious energy called Exotic Matter has been discovered by a team of scientists at CERN.

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Wow! 😍

#MissionDay with Brian Rose​ 👌

Intel Map at has been updated to show Portal info based on Link length.

#Persepolis behind the scenes 😎

Enlightened secure Sendai and Portland, but Resistance take Utrecht and #Persepolis Anomaly Series.

We'll be performing maintenance on the Intel Map today.

Ingress agents battled for Portland this weekend.

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#MissionDay begins in #Ishinomaki


M3 scores for #Persepolis 05

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M2 scores for #Persepolis 05

NEW CHALLENGE: Shingle | Ancient Societies #AncSoc

The strange final moments from Hank Johnson's aborted Nomad shoot have re-emerged in a new light.


M1 scores for #Persepolis 05

One big #Ingress family. Thank you, Agents 🙏

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M3 scores for #Persepolis 04

M2 score