Pretty useful because you can use it when you are not connected to the internet

Thanks to you Google+ is 2

I was up until 2:00 am waiting for my invite! Happy Birthday Google+ :-)

Interesting topic for discussion in the Google Teacher Community India. Post your comments in the original thread.

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Free Search, Email and Google+ for Airtel Subscribers in India

Good news for Airtel subscribers: Now you can browse the internet with Google Search, connect with Google+, and...

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The Web is your School

This is hilarious! Thanks for sharing Linda Lawrey :-)


New Community for Teachers by Ink Talks in collaboration with Google India.

Whether you're in the northern hemisphere or south of the equator, 'tis the season for doodles today with two...

Awesome video on YouTube Copyright Basics. Check out the rest of the info here:

Google Crisis Response team bring Person Finder to help trace missing people in Uttarkhand


#FeedbackFriday.... round the corner

Happy Birthday Google AdSense :-)


Pass the addiction :-)

What will you discuss in your public square?


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Project Loon: Balloon Powered Internet for Everyone

April 1st? No, just another day at Google X...





We're calling for greater transparency--asking the government to let us publish in our Transparency Report aggregate...

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My mom's smitten by #autoawesome :-)

Quick, hit Deploy!

Here is a Google+ community devoted to the issues, problems and solutions posed by our book and current events. ...

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Dear Google users—

Nice! But why would you be wasting time in taking a pic when there are at least 14 uncaptured portals around you?

Since that announcement, we received many requests for access to CalDAV, giving us a better understanding of...

India Webmasters Q&A

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Charges in 20-30 seconds. This is what we need during portal hunting :-D

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If you work with watercolors, oils, acrylics or love sketching with watercolor pencils, colored pencils, pastels,...

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