As the Portals begin to display a strange change in behavior this weekend, Pevtsov, Lorazon and Ni attempt to find...

Aww so cute!

Found the video!

Mission [Day] Accomplished! 👍

Excited to see that the Palo Alto Unified has joined the White House Future Ready School movement

Just got permissions from Felicia Hajra-Lee to share a demo chapter of A Detection Algorithm's reading of her...






Very excited to launch, Re:Work, part of our continuing effort to #makeworkbetter

We just tested with a group of agents the portal Fracker. Here is how it looks like!


Anne Beuttenmüller​ the ENL one looks better 😉

Attention Agents.

"So are Carrie, Enoch, Misty and Yuri.

Listen in to the latest Behind The Scanner episode, live now!

#Abaddon news: Susanna Moyer and Hank Johnson will be on the ground in New Orleans.

What's the future of mobile gaming?

via Niantic Project​

Agents, even though these items may be tempting, you should be aware that Chaotic Matter is known to be dangerous.

#Abaddon kit spoiler alert: Rare and Very Rare kits include these awesome stickers!

via Niantic Project​

An ode to one of our oldest Portals, where we tested the very first versions of #Ingress :

The hunt is on for the #SkyKey prize! Grab your book and start solving!

Free hugs! 😸

Agents, thank you for your contributions and analysis to the video uncovered yesterday.

So far we've had videos submitted from Ireland, Spain, Italy, Canada, Malaysia, and the USA!


Susanna Moyer reported that she had obtained this video through a deep-dive investigation in her last #IngressReport.

Klue S. made an interesting observation the other day that Carrie Campbell (who was a staunch member of the...

#Abaddon Flash Shards Results: RES TAKE ENOCH @ ZURICH: 46 to 2 AND CARRIE @ LONDON: 24 to 18

#Abaddon Flash Shards Update: ENOCH @ ZURICH: ENL 2, RES 44 - CARRIE @ LONDON: ENL: 17, RES 24

#Abaddon Flash Shards Update: ENOCH @ ZURICH: ENL 2, RES 43 - CARRIE @ LONDON: ENL: 14, RES 21

#Abaddon Flash Shards Update: ENOCH @ ZURICH: ENL 1, RES 32 - CARRIE @ LONDON: ENL: 13, RES 14