On my way to Bengaluru for #gindia :-)


I like #3. What about you? Leave a comment on the blog post. #datavizualization

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Until I heard about Kids Need to Read I thought only our schools and libraries didn't have good books to read.

Put together a quick tutorial for some friends who want to get started with Hangouts on Air.

Love Hangouts? Here are a few apps to help you make the most of your public and private hangouts.

Had a wonderful time interviewing Vic Gundotra.

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An excellent behind-the-scenes video showing the Making of Dumbo.


We're all excited for the next two weeks of awesome sporting achievements in London.

#protips #analytics #gindia

#protips #analytics #gindia


Took a few photos of my cousin reading a story. Her expressions were more fun than the story itself :-D

This is now!


+1 to more tablet optimized apps :-)



Awww... :-)

My kid cousin going crazy with Markers :-)


"The root cause of failure in most digital marketing campaigns is not the lack of creativity in the banner ad or TV...

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Sharing my Art Tutors circle:

Checking out the Hangout App. Interested in testing it out?

Please post on the original thread if you know anyone who can help.


Which track are you attending at #gindia tomorrow?

Just found a bunch of mentions for me on Twitter while checking out the #gindia posts.

For those who attended the #analytics session at #gindia , if you are looking for more tips, add Avinash...

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This is a reminder about today's Hangout on Air with Search Experts!

That's a wrap for Day 1 of #gindia - on behalf of the #weowindia team, great meeting you all and do keep in...


WeOW is in Chennai for #gindia

Heading over to Chennai for #gindia

Shiny! :-)

We were honored and thrilled to be named #1 Place to work in India again!




Please join us for a live Hangout on Air with search experts today.

Join the Power Searching with Google Hangout on Air

Yup! That sounds right!

After testing a ton of apps for managing tasks, I finally found one I like. Thanks Team Tasks :-)

Relive Every Minute of Google I/O 2012 On Google Developers Live

A while back we announced plans for a tool that would help you transfer your circles from one Google+ account to...

After months of planning, months of designing, months of writing, and looong nights grinding new CSS and JavaScript,...


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For all your iOS fans :-)

Under $100 ICS Tab


Books, books, and more books!

And if you missed this somehow, the bigger (and more shocking) discovery of this week: CERN loves Comic Sans.

More on the #higgs ... the flowchart knows :-)



A premier Sanskrit* college is looking for contributions to maintain their institute.


Last week's panel at Google I/O -- Designing for the Other Half: Sexy Isn't Always Pink.

If you missed Archana's Kitchen's Cooking Class yesterday, check out the video.

I didn't know half of them! Thanks for sharing Jérémy Naegel


Planning on broadcasting your hangouts? Here's your chance to learn from the experts!

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