Wow! Just wow!

On behalf of Google's Accessibility team, I'm excited to announce that you can now add closed captions to your...

Its exciting to see Google taking a few key steps toward creating a better shopping experience for users.



The new Chromebooks are here!


The fight against scam ads—by the numbers




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If you are interested in joining the hangout, post a comment on the original thread.


#CoolHangouts #developers

#CoolHangouts #developers

Have you checked out today's Google Doodle?


Interested in teaching phonics? Check out this #hangoutsonair

#coolhangouts #education

Just installed this... pretty cool!

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Imagine what search would be like if Google understand all the different entities in the world--the people, places,...

Be diabolical even when you are on the move.

via Ankur Kotwal

Really fantastic demonstration of what you can do when you step away from the restrictions of presentation tools.

Mangoes from our garden :-)

If you were using the mobile version of G+ (instead of the Android or iOS app), here's a special update for you.

#CoolHangouts #hangoutsonair

"Are there questions you find yourself asking when you create your data visuals or when you are interpreting those...

Discussing MBTI Personality types in another thread. I'm in the 1%... how about you?

#satyamevjayate is on... and their website has been updated too!

Oh my gosh, the Mother's Day Doodle animation is ADORABLE.


via Bradley Horowitz "These keyboard shortcuts are so useful.


More amazing artwork from JD Hillberry "the entire image is drawn on white paper including the background, masking...

Amchi Office

Very cool! Wonder if there's a way to restrict access to the muros.


This is fantastic!