Sparrows have taken over Triplicane :-p

A new way to dive in and follow the #Ingress investigation has emerged. Seek the truth.

A new Portal Clue has emerged. Help us recover it, #ObsidianExplorers. -PAC

Powerful XM patterns here. #Ingress


#MissionDay #Obsidian

Our CEO John Hanke reflects on 2015 and the path forward, check it out here:

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Happy Republic Day!

Train on!


Another cryptic image surfaces...

Sketching at Qutub Shahi Tombs

Thanks to the excellent work of Agent Spike Williamson, we have recovered this fascinating piece of intel from the...

As you explore the world around you this weekend #Ingress Agents, be sure to share your photos with our Official...

A new website has been released containing hints to the active #SkyKey puzzle, as well as a guide to solving the...

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Where has #Ingress taken you?

Friend, foe, or something else?

Excellent work, Agent Petros Santamouris.

Mark your calendars!

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Excellent work, Agent Dark Squirel.

A new clue emerges...

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Thanks to the clue received yesterday and the excellent work of Agent Izik Avinoam, this fragment was recovered at a...

Bored of BAFs, Vidyasagarreddy V? ;-)

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Check it out at

Niantic's digital library now on iBooks - watch Behind The Scanner tonight for a chance to win a book.

Very cool!

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Welcome to the team, Andrew Krug :-)

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The first #IngressFS went great, nice work to all the Agents who participated over the weekend.

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It seems the clue recovered yesterday led to Como, Italy (a city just north of Milan).

New year is off to a good start with some XFAC #Ingress fun at GORUCK HQ - beer, pizza and Ingress brings everyone...

The new year begins with a gift... a cryptic message from an anonymous source.

Lena Levin's "The making of a great painting..." explores 14 masterpieces. This should be interesting!

Super excited about Lena Levin​'s "The making of a great painting.." program. Guess which one I'm studying 😏


Happy 2016!

In a secret room below the Niantic Project in Geneva, Hank Johnson attempts to debrief a group of recently awakened...