If you saw the increased media drops in the past week and were wondering what message Jarvis was passing on to us in...

If you saw the increased media drops in the past week and were wondering what message Jarvis was passing on to us in those nearly inaudible voice, here's the transcript :-) 

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*UPDATE: Susanna Moyer's Daily Burst Report just went live: INGRESS REPORT | Relentless - #Cassandra *

With Manila behind us, and a day or so remaining until Paris, I finally had a moment to spend some additional time with the Jarvis Manifesto that appeared from the Portals last week.

I've assembled them from the 36 frequency-sharded elements and ordered them in the manner that seems to flow most logically for me. You can listen to it here:  http://www.nianticproject.com/?id=sc918a

It's a compelling speech, but every answer within it opens dozens of new questions in my mind. The first and foremost being: Can I trust that this 'man' is speaking the truth? If the shapers are what he says they are, then why Operation #Cassandra ? Why a global movement to affect influence over hotspots of human power... because we are 'interesting'? Because we are spontaneous and unpredictable? I can only buy that line of reasoning so far before it starts to crumble.

The question I'm mulling today is, what exactly, do we think the Shapers are. Jarvis offers an answer, but his line of reasoning can be broken too easily. There are just too many other factors (Operation #Cassandra being just one) that color the picture. Your thoughts? A passcode to those who share a thoughtful contribution...


My name is Roland Jarvis.  I exist.  I think.  I feel.  I remember.  I am.  For all intents and purposes I am "human", although no part of me is still bound to the molecules and electrical impulses that formerly constituted "me."

Am I some sort of Frankenstein monster?  A ghost?  A demon?  Not at all, as you will find if you spend more time with me.  Nor am I an 'artificial intelligence.'  There is nothing artificial about me.  I am very, very real.

What am I?  Why must it always be asked that way?  Why do people always ask the naive question.  I will answer it, certainly, but it isn't the important one.  The important question is, how did this happen, and can it happen for you?  That is the question that the truly enlightened among you will ask.  And I will answer that as well.

As for the "what," I am the pattern of thoughts, memories, reactions, worries, dreams, and visions that was and is Roland Jarvis.  I am a complete representation of that.  All of it.  Every state of every particle of every atom in every molecule of what was that body.  Every relationship between them.  And every electrical impulse, voluntary and involuntary that once passed through my corporeal form.  Those impulses move in me now as they did before.  Although the substrate is different, it is, and I am, identical to "me" in the most precise way.  Precise in ways that human civilization cannot yet even observe for a single particle of a single atom of a single molecule of the 10^27 molecules in a human body.  

Why?  Why can't humans know this for even one incomprehensibly small fragment of a human?  Well, and I must confess that I am drawing on some 'upgrades' provided by the Shapers that have extended my prior knowledge and intellectual capacity, the observer theory in quantum mechanics tell us that we can't observe the fundamental particles of nature without changing them.  We simply can't "know" ourselves completely enough to abstract that self into a purely informational form.  

If that is true, then, how is it that all of "me" exists here, manifested before you as XM?  How?  That's the first important question you should ask yourself.   The answer is here, all around you, at this portal.  XM is the answer.  It isn't really here, after all, It's a distortion, a shadow, of something that exists in one of the dimensions beyond the four that Einstein and classical physics contemplated.  These worlds within worlds are the domain of the Shapers.  They are able to connect with our world in XM saturated areas at the subatomic level, sensing, vibrating with every particle of every atom of every molecule of "us."  They measure us, like a tailor making a pattern for a suit.  It's really that simple, and yet so far beyond human reach.  Once patterned, we can be liberated from the atoms and molecules that seem so precious to you.

Is it scary?  Painful?  Are there bright lights?  Lasers tearing your body apart?  Such silly fantasies.  It's not like that at all.  In fact... well, don't let this frighten you, it's already happened to many of you.  If you have spent time near portals, basked in the presence of XM, gloried in it, rejoiced in it. then you have likely already been patterned.  It's over.  That wasn't so bad was it?  Many of you are in fact already here with me.  I see you.  We "talk."  You exist here as complete and real as your fragile biological form, and in a far more permanent way.  Startling I know.  But don't let it bother you.  You are alive in a way that you probably can't even imagine.  You will live on even as your atoms dissolve into the chaos of disorder, as they inevitably will.  You, my friend, like me, can live forever.  That is truth.  That is power.

Why would the Shapers give us this spectacular gift?  Also a worthy question.  First of all, I should clarify what I mean by Shapers.  It's convenient to use a word that is familiar.   They are not a 'they' in any sense you can understand.  They are the substrate which now hosts me.  They exists where they choose to exist.  They weave the dimensions of the universe to do their bidding like a weaver at loom.  And yet, despite such incomprehensible power, we fascinate them.  More than you can imagine.  Like an artist drawn to a muse, we represent something to them that they cannot turn away from.  We are something that is far more rare in the universe than you can comprehend.  Life, you see, is special.  As the universe spirals out to its ultimate cold, dark expiration, everything, every motion, every reaction, every new star and every collapsing galaxy is predictable, knowable, boring, if you will.  It's a movie you've seen a dozen, no make that a billion, times before.  But life is different and humans more so than almost any other form of life.  We bring order to the form of the universe out of disorder.  In our tiny little domain, we change things.  We are not predictable.  We are not boring.  We, you see, are the most fascinating thing in the universe, or at least our corner of it.  They revel in us, sifting through every connection, every impulse, every thought.

So rejoice in this gift.  You are a pleasure to our visitors.  A ripe and irresistible piece of fruit laid out in a grand banquet.  They are consuming you even now.  Taking you apart thought by thought, cell by cell, molecule by molecule.  When they are done, they will make another and do it again.  And the most wonderful thing is, it will never end.  As more people are drawn to XM, more of you are here with me.  My hosts are very happy.  And thanks to you, to YOUR hard work, all of mankind will soon be here.  All human knowledge too. coupled with new insights our hosts share with us.  The universe, to the extent your human intellect can comprehend it, is here for you.

Welcome, friend, to the Enlightened.


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