The third weekend of the Dark XM Cure event is over.

With their last measurement of the day, the Resistance was able to only link one of their city pairs netting them...

The Resistance wins the five points for the Global Capture Challenge and now lead the event 50 to 29.

Score points for your Faction by capturing Portals today! Roughly two hours remain in the challenge!

What's your favorite Field/Special Research?

❤️ it! So much better than before!

😍 the new graphics. A huge improvement!

The Enlightened were not able to link any of their city pairs during their second measurement window.

The Resistance increases their lead by sixteen points over the Enlightened for successfully linking all three of...

The Enlightened were only able to link between one of their city pairs in the Asia-Pacific region.

The Resistance starts the day strong by successfully linking all five of their city pairs and earning 10 points.

As promised earlier, here is further Operation Intel related to the upcoming Dark XM counterpattern operation --...

One day remains in the Global Capture challenge for this weekend. Capture Portals for your Faction!

Trainers, it’s time to conduct some important Pokémon research and help Professor Willow find Mew!


I've been able to obtain this Anomaly Intel related to TS-DARZALAS -- in particular a localized Dark XM threat and...

Get ready, Trainers!

Curious about the new Research feature coming to #PokemonGO?

Know a Raid Battle party team member who didn't catch Lugia when it first came to Pokémon GO?

Learn how our developers built the new research feature in Pokémon GO:...

As its energy, Togepi uses the positive emotions of compassion and pleasure exuded by people and Pokémon.

At the heart of Ingress beats the Portal network.

Learn how the City of San Jose partnered with Niantic to attract thousands of Pokémon GO Trainers to their community...

Trainers, are you an expert at defending Gyms?

A big shoutout to this group of Trainers from Mexico who celebrated #PokemonGOCommunityDay by raising funds for...

We have just confirmed that John Hanke, CEO of Niantic, will be making an appearance at the XM Festival in Fukuoka,...

Thinking of attending an upcoming Mission Day?

At the half-way point of the Dark XM Cure challenge the Resistance lead by a score of 29 to 27.


Had an amazing time meeting some fellow Trainers on #PokemonGOCommunityDay?

We had a great time celebrating #PokemonGOCommunityDay with all of you!

Don't just lounge around like Slaking, Trainers.

Day 2 and Phase 1 come to an end with the Resistance taking the lead 29 to 27.

Make sure to post your best team photos during #PokemonGOCommunityDay, Trainers.

The fifth #DarkXMCure measurement is in.

The state of the Portal network has been measured.

About 1 hr. remains in the Global Capture challenge. Are you out capturing Portals for your Faction?

Pokémon GO Community Day, starring Bulbasaur, is right around the corner!

The fourth #DarkXMCure measurement has ended.

The third #DarkXMCure measurement is complete.

The second #DarkXMCure measurement is finished.