The Finale is nearly upon us, gear up, get ready, and share your best moments with us using the hashtag ...

Agents, two temporary and mysterious changes are occurring this weekend.

With just a few days left until the #IngressObsidian Finale, Agents around the world are using all modes of...

Attention Agents.

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Awesome story!

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本日より、日本にお住まいの方に Pokémon GO...

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Are XM powered vehicles allowed at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway?

Agents, are you ready to discover the #IngressObsidian primary cities through missions on Sunday April 3rd?


Agents, the Simple and Complex Glyph can now be entered in the command channel.

A mobile XM disturbance will occur later today in the Detroit Metro area:...

We’re thrilled to provide a peek into Pokémon GO.

Happppppppppppppy Holi!!!

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#GoogleTip Google will make your photo albums smarter without extra work put in by you :-)

NL1331 is going to be rolling in to the Chicago area today.

Composing music using Ingress Glyphs:

Excellent time tonight at the St.

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#Ingress #GoRuck


Woooohooooo! 🤗

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Attention Agents.

Agents, the limited-edition Obsidian Anomaly pack (20 Frackers + 3 Obsidian beacons) is back for the last time.

Recently, we’ve seen an in increase in questions from Agents about Current Hacking Streak/Sojourner medal count, and...

Agents, for Jahan’s first appearance at an XM Anomaly event, we are thrilled to confirm Venue 578 as the after-party...

Thanks to our #ObsidianExplorers , we've been able to gain access to yet another important and fascinating fragment...

Agents, we have teamed up with Anker to give away 300 portable #Ingress branded chargers.

It seems the clue recovered yesterday led Agents to Portals around the world, and the recovery of some intel related...

Here is a list of current cities we will be visiting on our way to Orlando #Obsidian.

I received this anonymously a few minutes ago.

Agents, we are aware of the issue affecting Mission Day medals. We are working to resolve the problem.


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Agents, team up and have a direct effect on helping your faction achieve victory.

Great POV video of #IngressFS from Lille, France:

Agents, it's time to earn the most physical badge in the Ingress universe.

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ENL Agent BigMatty to reveal all or part of the information provided by The Acolyte Thursday on BTS.

What's In The Box?

Happy Women's Day!

Sometimes it isn't just the opposing faction you find at portals.


It's been kind of a whirlwind, watching the last 24 hours unfold.

XFaction Origami! Very cool :-)

Another thing.

What is klues real identity? She might be in this book!

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Agents, the crew of #NL1331( Ethan Lepouttre​ ​​and Linda B​​​ ) are preparing to head to Orlando and are planning...


In celebration of Susanna Moyer’s first trip to Hong Kong, Agents attending that XM Anomaly Event will be able...

Big step forward today toward launch of Pokémon Go. #PokemonGo

Pokémon Goに関するお知らせです。日本にて今月末にフィールドテストを開始い たします。詳細に関してはhttp://pokemongo.nianticlabs.comにアクセスしてく ださい。

Pokémon GO field testing will begin in Japan later this month.

Our sources have confirmed that Susanna Moyer will be present at the Hong Kong XM Anomaly event on 2 APR 2016

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It was bound to happen sooner or later, with all of us on the streets...


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Agents, as mentioned previously, our anomaly packs are available for a limited time only.

I share Dr. Wright’s suspicions on the contents of the Box.