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Originally shared by Vinay Siddavanahalli

See your Drive photos in Google+ (and a few other improvements)

Ever wish your Google Drive photos could get some of that Google+ goodness? Now’s your chance -- starting today you can see your Google Drive photos and videos in your Google+ library. Your photos stay in Drive, but they’ll also be visible to you in Google+ (and private until you choose to share them).

Once you choose to show Drive photos in Google+ they’ll be organized chronologically, easily searchable, and automatically enhanced to look better than ever. You might even see a few of them combined into animations and panoramas thanks to Auto Awesome. You’ll be able to see your Drive photos on the web as well as in the Google+ Android app. 

While you’re browsing through old holiday and vacation pics on the desktop, you might notice a couple other changes we’ve made to Google+ Photos based on your feedback.

More control over your Highlights view. You can choose whether or not individual photos are shown in your Highlights, as well as move highlighted photos to the album of your choice.

Quicker adding to albums. Now you can pick a specific album for your photos right when you’re sharing them on Google+. 

We hope you enjoy the latest improvements. Let us know what you think in the comments!