Another private moment between the AI and her biological co-host captured and revealed.

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Best Polling Booth ever!




#GoogleDoodle Ustad Alla Rakha's 95th birthday - "Qureshi Alla Rakha Khan popularly known as Alla Rakha (29 April...

<3 XKCD :-)

Great video on public spaces in NYC including the High Line.

uh oh!

What does #Interitus mean?

No anomaly is complete without mega fields from India :-)

As November Lima approaches Flagstaff, Arizona for the upcoming #Interitus Anomaly on April 26th, an NIA snare...

Thanks for all the fantastic insight and feedback on our New Agent Field Guide.


Earth Day 2014

Check out Kevin Kwok's awesome project at



Happy Earth Day! :-)

Filled with chocolate I hope. Happppppy Easter! :-)

Happy Easter!


Ingress Capsules on temporary lockdown while a Shaper bug is investigated.

I'm wearing my ADA T-shirt. Find me on the floor and I'll give you a copy of Ingress 123 until I run out.

Connecting transit stations to increase the influence of XM flow - pretty impressive for an impromptu op, Agent...

#cutenessoverload :-)

Android Calendar Hangouts Update

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Our electricity board loves plein air painters - perspective lines set up to help you start sketching right away :-D

Get ready to hack a capsule!


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