Agents here is the full schedule and RSVP links for our last stops in the in the Asia Pacific area!

Trainers, look out for Kyogre while it swims in our planet's vast oceans.

Gotcha! 😍

Can't wait! 😍

Join fellow community members as they hike the Blue Mountain area and discover game locations along the way.

Welcome our brand new APAC Community Manager Fumi Yamazaki :-)


Trainers, celebrate the Year of the Dog today by taking your Buddy Pokémon for a walk outside! #LunarNewYear

In collaboration with the Chiayi County Government and Bureau of Energy of Taiwan, we invite you to discover Chiayi...

From Snubbull to Electrike, join us in celebrating the Year of the Dog by posting an AR photo of a Pokémon that...

Great news, Trainers!


Agents, we have spotted a new item emerging on Niantic's online store,

Agents, we love Mission Days as much as you do, so we have updated the Mission Day Application form on...

Feeling lucky?

2月26日から3月3日、台湾嘉義で嘉義市が主催する『嘉義ランタンフェスティバ ル』にて「Pokémon GO Safari Zone...

Celebrate #ValentinesDay with us by sharing an AR photo with Luvdisc! #PokemonGOValentines❤️

Agents, thanks to your hard work compiling information from across the Portal network, our research is complete.

The document below emerged, severely redacted, less than 24 hours ago.

How are you spreading the love in Pokémon GO?


Happy Valentines, Trainers!

Defending your local Gym from Dragon-type Pokémon?

An experiment involving November Lima has resulted in NL1331 Portal Keys spontaneously destabilizing from some...

It's the first Monday of February 2018 (where I am in the world at least).

Plusle and Minun have been spotted playing together around the world.

Rayquaza, the Legendary Pokémon originally discovered in the Hoenn region, has descended from the ozone layer in the...

Trainers, scan the skies and the world around you!

The Nomad (aka Hank Johnson, current director of the NIA) reaches out to Misty Hannah -- could this be related to...


It appears some old files have gone missing at the NIA -- curious what Hank Johnson is digging into that someone...


NL-PRIME will be leaving Taiwan 2/10. Don't miss the chance...!

Agents, Ingress Mission Days are a great way to explore a new city or become reacquainted with one you may already...


Calling all teachers, from #ArtEd to #CSEdu: Help your students create their own digital valentines with this...

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