Trainers, thank you for joining us in celebrating #ProfessorWillowWeek!

Driven by the creative energy of Ingress Agents, a new Epiphany Night looms.

Aww this one's my favorite! #ProfessorWillowWeek



Trainers, here's a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of our newest loading screen featuring Professor Willow!

Nevada’s Great Basin National Park is full of scenic vistas, caves, and historic trees.

Get ready for more Field Research tasks in May!



#ProfessorWillowWeek Fact #1: Professor Willow looks up to Professor Oak and used to be his assistant!

After hearing more reports of Trainers finding Mew, we want to thank Professor Willow and his research by kicking...

Trainers, because more than 4,000 of you attended and cleaned up trash on #EarthDay, you’ve unlocked 3× Stardust...

At Niantic, we believe in taking care of the planet and improving the lives of everyone as a result.

With so many tiny but vital streams overlooked by satellites, check out how hydrologists in Colorado worked with...

Each month we love hearing how Trainers come together for #PokemonGOCommunityDay but also to give back to their...

Ready for #EarthDay


Get ready, Trainers, we’ve added a brand new avatar shirt so you can show your support for #EarthDay.


Agents we would like to announce our first ever trip to Kazakhstan!

Be careful when approaching Latias, Trainers.


Agents in the U.S.A.

Mark your calendar, Trainers!

We are happy to announce the the official tour dates For #NL1331EU this summer!

A classified conversation between Hank Johnson and Akira Tsukasa reveals details about 'The Osiris Sequence' -- a...

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We'd love to see how you celebrated Community Day, Trainers. Don't forget to post your #PokemonGOCommunityDay photos!

Trainers from the Americas and Greenland, #PokemonGOCommunityDay is starting soon!


Drawn to compassionate spirits, the Eon Pokémon Latias and Latios are known for being highly intelligent.

Trainers, get your walking shoes ready for Community Day.

I will join Seoul VR AR EXPO 2018 as a keynote speaker on April 19th.

Agents, registration is now open for the Magnus events of:


Trainers, Pokémon that were originally discovered in the Kanto region will be seen more frequently starting April 10...

My heartiest congrats to the Resistance.

Congratulations, RES 🙂

Yesterday, hundreds of passionate Ingress Agents joined us for the #XMFestival live event at the historic Fukuoka...

2/4 Links at the Final RES Measurement. #DarkXMCure reaches its end... stand by for the final scorecard.

RES claim the last #DarkXMCure Global Measurement. Series score is 49:71 RES leading. Final Link Operations remain.

Agents, roughly two hours remain in the Global Capture Challenge. Every Portal counts!


RES return fire with 4/5 Links at their M2 and continue to lead #DarkXMCure series 49:66.

Trainers, help Professor Willow #FindMew! Let us know in the comments if you can spot Mew hiding in this picture.

ENL create 4/5 Links at their M2, bringing series to 49:58.

ENL claim FUKUOKA #DarkXMCure Shard O.

Recently spotted, Agent Ace and Agent DongHaerang operating with local faction members in Fukuoka.

3/4 Links for RES at M1 of #DarkXMCure finale.

Agents, XM Festival Fukuoka starts now.

ENL make 2/3 Links at M1 on final day of #DarkXMCure.


The world of Pokémon is always growing, and we need your help to study it!

The final Global Capture Challenge measurement will be taken on 7 APR 2018 at 6pm UTC.

Trainers, remember to complete at least one Field Research task per day to earn a stamp!

This #EarthDay, we're hosting cleanup events across the globe with Mission Blue!

Trainers, we’re hosting local cleanup events with Mission Blue on Earth Day, April 22, and you’re invited!