#protips for #communities

#protips for #communities

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Google Plus Communities Tips And Resources For Businesses!

What makes G+ #communities  such a great idea for #smallbusiness  is the fact that these intranet based tools are like Forums and Facebook Groups but better... way better!

Some of the main features that really pop are:

1. About section with links to your website, G+ Page, or profile.
2. Easy to set up categories.
3. G+ Event integration.
4. Community Hangouts. Awesome add on!
5. Search engine friendly when the community is public.

I recommend all entrepreneurs and marketers to join communities relevant to their interest and industry, if not create your own one.

If you want to grow your community don't just try to invite as many people as you can, instead focus on:

- Posting high quality content.
- Stay on topic.
- Show your post by re-sharing it on your Page or profile.

The quality of the content will attract more members with the same interest or passion.

When communities were introduced to G+ (http://goo.gl/lQwnFY) many people, including me, got exited. Because this was another way to keep in touch with what we really love or have interest on learning more about.

Here is another great article by Social Media Today that have some very good points:

1. Posts with a Google+ community can receive 'plus ones' from other members and can also be reshared to circles or other communities. 

2. Posts within a community are indexed by Google and will be found in organic search results. The posts can also gain and pass page rank.
3. A really nice feature of Google+ posts to a community is that you can edit them at any time. 

4. You can use hashtags within a post content to tie posts to specific searches on the platform.

5. By default everything you share with a community is also shared to your main public page but you can change this setting, to enable you to share something with a specific community that doesn't appear on your profile page.

6. With Google+ communities you can view posts in a specific community stream rather than your main stream. These posts are much more focused as you would expect, often I switch to a community stream rather than my main stream to focus on say the latest Google+ news posts. 

7. In Google+ communities there is also the ability to create categories and allow posts to be allocated to these specific categories. These categories can then be displayed individually.

Read all 9 tips and resource at: http://goo.gl/x4MxD4 


Here are a few extra article with more tips and tricks to help you get the most of these excellent tools.

1. The Complete User's Guide to Creating, Managing, Moderating, and Promoting a Google+ Community. via Carra Riley and Socialize Me 

2. Google+ Communities: A Beginner's Guide. By Mashable 

3. Communities: How Google Plus brings people together. By Chicago Tribune 

4. Create and manage a Google Plus community. By Kioskea 

5. Keep your Google+ Communities category notifications as you check them. By Google Plus Daily 

6. 10 GPC Every Teacher Should About.

7. 12 Most Googletastic Reasons Google+ Communities Are the Bomb. By 12 Most and Paul Biedermann 

8. Make the connection: Facebook Groups and Google+ Communities.








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Want to Learn more? Here are some extra great people you should add to your circles:

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