Excited about this new #Ingress goodie :-).

If the writing we discovered and assembled earlier this week is true (and my guess is that it is), then it looks...

Ready for the Gold Vanguard 😎

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As I suspected, the piece of writing that emerged yesterday was part of something much larger.

Hello Agents in Tokyo


#Abaddon + #MissionDay 👌

A source sent this my way earlier today...




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I have been able to gain access to the entire lost page from Carrie Campbell's 'Voynich' journals.

Wow, we can't believe we're nearly at 100K YouTube subscribers:

Impressive, Agent Vidyasagarreddy V​ 👏👏👏

LORAZON: Who threw the spear?

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#Abaddon Milano


Give your students an assignment the whole family will enjoy this Thanksgiving

Join +Edgar Allan Wright for a Live Investigation Hangout on Tuesday, November 24th at 6pm PST.


Awesome Anomaly Day video

Cool video for #Abaddon Singapore

A page from Victor Kureze's personal diaries during the Niantic Project has been recovered.

#BeautifulBaby Baby has been in the bath tub too long and mom decides to take action :-)

#Abaddon Milan

They began to detect a signal in New Taipei City even before the Anomaly again, but it did not emerge in strength...


Discovering some great Agent photos via our official Instagram account

Dive into the new Google+

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One week left to submit your #SkyKeyIsHere videos!

Agents in NOLA during #MissionDay

We're impressed by all of the Agents completing a wet and soggy #MissionDay in Hamburg!

Here's the other tidbit from yesterday, and I'm still waiting on further details.

#MissionDay Hamburg

An Agent in New Orleans reported having a conversation with Hank Johnson earlier today.

Agents, like Niantic's very own Founder and CEO, are participating in the #GORUCK challenge, showing us that hard...

#Abaddon 03

#Abaddon 03

#Abaddon 03

#Abaddon 03

#Abaddon 03