Jahan helped me to interpret, or at least understand some of the ancient texts.

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All thanks to our awesome Agents 🙏

The Edu India YouTube channel is going live today!

Vote for these amazing Entrepreneurs

Vote for these amazing Entrepreneurs

Have you made a mission you're proud you and want to share.Tag it #IngressMissions .

What are your favorite #IngressMissions?

Missions encourage Agents to explore local Portals and Field Trip Waypoints, to revisit the paths of earlier XM...

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What the skeletons of cartoon characters would look like.



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Leaked documents emerging from a high conflict zone in India earlier this week revealed that Hank Johnson was the...

The maze games are really addictive! The kids couldn't wait to get started 😃


Aww that is so sweet! Happy leveling up, Agent 👍

I’m pleased to share that we’re donating all profits from How Google Works to organizations focused on improving...


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On November 15 Ingress celebrated its second birthday.

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I did Susanna Moyer the courtesy of informing her that I had received this and was going public with it.

Is your site #mobilefriendly yet?


The world of #Ingress leads to countless #AdventuresOnFoot . You can see how many kilometers you've walked in the...

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This is as good as it gets if you want to understand the debate on Net Neutrality.

Been writing again.

Awesome #protip from Inbox by Gmail "If you're using Inbox, Reminders snoozed to later will show up in the new...

With 3 weeks of 2X AP and 3X Portal hack bonuses from Oct 24 to Nov 14, Agent activity surged across the globe as...