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This was one of the first videos I shared on Google+... July 2, 2011 to be exact. Still as #hilarious

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"This week, we’re hosting the Google Engage for Agencies team.

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For those of you with kids 13-18, this is one of my favorite things we do at Google.

Awesome talk by Jaime Casap, #education evangelist at Google

Two more days to get your artwork in for January's challenge.

I'm signing up for this!

Any router experts around?

No matter how many times I see this video, it's still amazing!

3 more days to go to get a huge bundle of comics!


♥ this app!

Watercolor Pencils on 200 gsm card stock


Happy Republic Day India :-)

Spanish Practice Hangout | Clase de Español [BEGINNERS]

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To all the spirits haunting this ghost town.... To Boo or Not to Boo

Create a Meme on Google+

Schedule a Google+ Hangout meeting in Google Calendar


"30 minutes to go before our Hangout on Air!


Baby elephant steals grass from mother's mouth.

This will be an interesting hangout. The theme is what can we do for a violence-free, stress-free society?

COMPUTER SCIENCE ON AIR in collaboration with Women Techmakers

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This lively panel will be hosted by Patrick Yurick of Little Fish Studio ( & Co-creator of the...

Starting soon...

Great article by Farhad Manjoo about how we think about people at Google!


Handwrite updates: You can now distinguish between ambiguous characters, overlap your characters, and write multiple...

Photos from a book fair in Chennai.

#protips for #communities

Google employs hundreds of 'ad cops' to keep dubious advertisements off their site. Here's how they police the web.

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Sunflower - Watercolour Demonstration - Joanne Boon Thomas


Why Moon Shots Matter


Ads Security: 2012 Retrospective

In NY? Try the app and post your feedback on the original thread.

And now for something completely awesome.

Another fantastic tip from Julie Gilbert Pollard.

My favorite font!

Ryan Estrada talking about Doing it Wrong...

#protips for #search


Spot the difference :-)



Haven't heard of this brand before but probably those who work with Acrylics are more familiar with them?



Resharing this for those who've just started using Hangouts on Air... check it out at

This sounds like fun!


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Registration for Advanced Power Searching with Google is open! Sign up now, the course begins on January 23.

Created a playlist for folks interested in integrating their Google+ account with their Blogger Blog.


Resharing for the WOW participants in my circles :-)

An inspiring story from Jayson Rowe...


Watch it!

We had a Hangout on Air with the founders of InteractBuilder, a free software that helps you create your own...

Resharing for those who might not be part of the Artistic Waves community.

Intro to Photoshop workshop in Austin, Texas

Pooja Srinivas hung out with 4 people.

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