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Explore related & popular photos in the lightbox

Viewing and sharing photos is a huge part of the Google+ experience. So today we're excited to launch a new way to find & explore even more awesome pictures.

When you reach the end of an album in the lightbox, we'll now highlight more albums by the photographer, more photos of people in the current album, as well as popular photos across Google+. The end of every album is now the beginning of another adventure!

This feature will be rolling out gradually on desktop, so if you don't see it yet, rest assured you'll see it soon. Enjoy!

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  1. Not sure what you mean by Facebook style there are multiple ways to add people to your circles. You can click on the 'Add to Circles' button on their profile or on the hovercard when you mouse over their name in posts/comments.

  2. Here's how you send a private message to someone: http://plustips.poojasrinivas.com/sending-private-messages

    On not being able to drag people into circles, can you check if you have any extensions that are affecting this? Disable the extensions and try adding users to your circles. If that doesn't fix it, send feedback from the circles page.

  3. If the person has not enabled the 'send a message' option in their profile, you can still send them a private message by mentioning them in a post (and removing all other circles/public before you share the post). Whether they see the message or not depends on what they've selected in the 'Who can send you notifications?' section of the Google+ Settings.

    You can see suggested users on the right hand sidebar next to your stream and in the Circles tab: https://plus.google.com/circles/find

  4. Google+, every week more exciting !


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