I'm signing up for this!

I'm signing up for this!

via Colt McAnlis 

Originally shared by Google Chrome Developers

On February 4th—less than a week from now—we'll be launching a brand new Udacity *HTML5 Game Development* course with Google's Colt McAnlis and Peter Lubbers and Udacity's Sean Bennett. See: https://www.udacity.com/course/cs255

We've broken down the GRITS framework—first shown at Google IO last year—into a client-side, and server-side curriculum, and this first course focuses entirely on the client side. We tried to approach the content to present all the tips, tricks, tools and ‘useless info’ that’s needed to make a fast, functional, client-side-only web game.

If you’re looking to start making HTML5 games, sign up for the class now! The class is set to go live on February 4th, followed up by a series of live-streamed weekly study groups, from the Google offices in San Francisco (more details on that soon).

You can read more about the course and Udacity on Colt's blog: http://goo.gl/OOQwr and here’s the course blooper reel!
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