Two more days to get your artwork in for January's challenge.

Two more days to get your artwork in for January's challenge. 

Click on #ArtisticWavesChallenge1 and then on Most Recent to see the awesome artwork submitted. 

P.S. What topic would the February challenge bring? :-)

Originally shared by Pooja Srinivas (Seeker)

The topic

Trees (any tree; either one, or more than one)
Christmas tree (either the whole thing, or one aspect of one—e.g. a particular decoration you like, or how the lights look or feel. Can be an indoor or outdoor scene. One Christmas tree, or more than one)

How to participate

1. Choose a subject
After looking at the topic for this month, what do you feel would be interesting or fun subject for your piece?

You can be as literal or as abstract / imaginative as you like. If you don’t want to use the literal meaning of the topic, use it as an inspiration and create whatever jumps into your mind when you think of the topic. 

So long as you have the appropriate permissions, you're welcome to use a reference photo or image.  

2. Decide what medium(s) you want to use
You can use any mediums or your choice (e.g. charcoal, painting, digital painting, glass work, etc), or even many mediums.  

3. Begin when you're ready, have fun, and enjoy yourself
Work on your piece at a pace that feels comfortable to you. Your creation can be as simple or elaborate as you want it to be.

The aim is for everyone to share their finished creation (or, if you like, what you've done so far) at the end of the month, but if you want to take longer to work on it and reveal it later, that's okay.

4. Share your creation!
Once you're ready to share your creation (either your completed piece or what you have so far), use this link to go to the "Monthly art challenge" category in the Artisitc Waves community:

From there, create a post that shares your piece (or what you have so far) and please be sure to include the hashtag #ArtisticWavesChallenge1  in your post so people can easily see all of the submissions that correspond with a particular month.

Of course, you don't have to wait until the end of the month to share something—you're welcome to share images of your work in progress over the course of the month if you feel inspired to. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to start something new for the event, or can I finish or share something I've already worked on?

We think it's more fun if people start something new for the event, though if you have a piece you've already been working on and feel it fits the topic, you could finish that off and share that. Just mention in your post that it was something you started prior to the challenge. 

Do I retain all copyright to my work?


Keep in mind that this is a public group, so anything you share may get re-shared (via the Google+ Share feature) or displayed publicly.

Can I submit more than once piece per monthly challenge?

Yes, if you want to—so long as it's on the topic chosen for the month you're participating in. 

Entries can be as simple or as detailed, thorough, and complete as you like. 

Why do I need to use a hashtag with my entries?

Hashtags help others find related posts and if you click on the hashtag, you will be able to see entries posted by others in the community. 

Please use #ArtisticWavesChallenge1 (where the number denotes the challenge you are posting this for) and [optional] use a hashtag for the media you are using (for example, #watercolors or #coloredpencils). 

Can I post my artwork even if it doesn’t fit into the theme of the month?

Of course! The Monthly Challenges are only one part of the community. If you want to share your artwork on any other topic, feel free to post it in any of the other categories. 

Can I use a reference image?

Yes, though if you use an image from someone else, please make sure you have the appropriate permissions and/or license to use it. 

Any other questions? Post a message on the community or send a message to +Bruce Achterberg or +Pooja Srinivas.  


  1. And just to be clear: if you have been creating on a piece for the January 2013 challenge and it takes longer than January, that's okay--you can still submit it once you finish it.

  2. Where are we posting our artwork again?...Is it the hashtag shown above?

  3. Susan Clement-Beveridge,

    When making your post, put them in the Monthly Challenge category:

    And when you add the text to your post, add this hashtag to it:

  4. Darn my laptop just died last night.... so might be out of commission for a bit! :(


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