Go WoW :-)

Go WoW :-)

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Hi Everyone,

We are celebrating our Launch-iversary today :) 

It's been a year since the WOW India program was first launched. Today we are a thriving community of women from all over India and now spanning Singapore and Russia :)

A huge note of thanks to all of you... you've given us the encouragement to take this program forward and reach out to more and more women entrepreneurs across the country.

Feel free to reach out to us at weowindia@google.com or on our WOW India Google+ Community.

We'd love to hear from you on how we can make the program more effective :)

The WOW team


  1. Congratulations WOW on your anniversary. A great year!

  2. congratulations to WOW and team members of WOW... With best wishes...

  3. Congratulations WOW on your Launchiversary. A Lot of women benefit from this wonderful community you have created. Keep it going and keep us empowered. Special Congratulations to  Pooja Srinivas  and Githanjali Santhanam .


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