via Niantic Project​

via Niantic Project​

After #Abaddon, Jahan extended +Hank Johnson an interesting offer, but could she be trusted?


Originally shared by Hank Johnson

Sometimes you just have to walk away.

After #Abaddon, Jahan offered a reconciliation between her esteemed family and the Azmati clan, which, through the strange shifts of fate I now head. Her idea was simple. We join forces and become a unity of Enlightened and Resistance in order to control the interference of transdimensional forces -- both the Shapers and the N’zeer.

If things were different, I would see the wisdom of, and embrace this notion.  But things aren’t different. Jahan betrayed me once and I can not let it happen again. 

Not now. Not until I know more about the Circle of Obsidius.

I am seeking a conversation with the Acolyte. She’s elusive, and I understand why. She’s hunting for the arrows of Obsidius and simultaneously being hunted by the forces of the N’zeer -- Jahan very likely among them.