via Niantic Project​

via Niantic Project​

+Hank Johnson shares some of his findings about the ancient Roman exploratore, Obsidius.


Originally shared by Hank Johnson

Continuing to research the exploratore named Obsidius.

Have learned some things, much remains buried. From what I've come across, he didn't travel alone... he was working as part of a larger group.

He was definitely a sensitive, and an extremely powerful one at that, possibly one of the most powerful ones ever.

The records on this last point are confusing. I've seen reference to Obsidius as a collaborator and an enemy in both 13MAGNUS and Anti-Magnus contexts. I'm not sure I understand how that's possible... was he a collaborator to both of these groups? An enemy to both? Or maybe I'm just losing something in the translation.

Thanks to all the Agents who are helping to pull this material together. This task would be impossible without you.

Also curious about what PAC is going to have to say for himself on Behind The Scanner tomorrow... always surprised by what he has up his sleeves.