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Chapeau responds to the concerns that arose yesterday for his safety...


Originally shared by H. Richard Loeb

Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated (how many times have I had to say that sentence...).

Yeah, I'm going to be on Behind The Scanner this week. Got some things to talk about.

As for my place being torn up. Pretty sure that was my old friends at the NIA. And here's the truth of that:

They know what I'm up to. They know they can't bump me off (can't make me a martyr, after all). They can't really stop me (see my last point) and they know there's nothing hidden in my apartment.

Tearing my place up and sending me underground for a few weeks is just a kind of reminder: Hey Chapeau. We're still here, and we don't like you. We can't stop you, but we can make your life a little bit more unpleasant. Sincerely, your friends at the Agency.

Well here's my reminder to them: Life goes on. The Investigation goes on. The truth seeks daylight, and I am not alone.

Tune in to BTS this week... I'll see you all there.