via Niantic Project​

via Niantic Project​

Seeing the image of the Advanced Biological Augmentation Dimensional Node seems to have led to an epiphany for +Tycho C. -- leading him to a new understanding of the Onboarding interviews.

These interviews, between the scientists and +A Detection Algorithm, were the first time we ever got to hear the voices and thoughts of the Niantic Researchers. Presumably, they had been conducted to allow ADA to 'tune' herself to better suit the scientists.

However, it's possible that something quite different was taking place...


Originally shared by Tycho C.

When I was working on Ingress: Origins, I remember having a bunch of trouble with the onboarding interviews.

In my visions, there was always this flash... of a chamber.

I couldn't explain it at the time. I though I was seeing some kind of noise --  an error, so I never drew it into the novel, because it didn't make sense.

I knew that time had passed during these onboarding interviews, 20 minutes in a flash, and things seemed strange, ominous and different, but I couldn't explain why.

Now, I'm beginning to understand.

I'm also beginning to see the onboarding interviews in a whole new light.