via Niantic Project​

via Niantic Project​

What makes a Truth Seeker? How does one decide to dedicate their life to the difficult journey of discovery?

Chapeau shares the story behind his hat, but more importantly,  how it relates to him creating one of the longest running and most penetrating investigations in recent history.


Originally shared by H. Richard Loeb

I often get asked which side I am “secretly” for when I say that I am not aligned with either faction.  Yes, I did announce support for the Resistance at one time and my return to a neutral stance should not be construed as some statement against the Resistance (or a secret affiliation with the Enlightened) but rather my realization that my role is different than that of an Agent… a consequence of choosing to pursue the Truth.  

Remember, I played a role in letting the genie out of the bottle and it is precisely for that reason that I force myself more and more to let Truth lead the way.  

As to the notion of Truth itself...I also get asked (quite a lot recently) if I realize that things I may have said or reported in the past have later turned out to be false because I may have had tainted sources and do I feel responsibility for duping people.  Of course I do.  And when I find information that discredits previous information I will report it. If not, I miss an opportunity to reveal a necessary insight.  It is for you to decide what is accurate.  I’m not asking you to join me in believing every word I say without verification -- quite the contrary.  I always invite you to seek the Truth and I am only one source of many possible ones.  Check, cross-check, verify, take me to task.  I have been asking for your opinions, theories and information from Day One.  A network of individuals with opposing viewpoints willing to hack these problems is far more powerful than all of their supercomputers put together.   Don’t think they don’t know that.

The more I uncover, the fewer facts remain and questions fill the place of things I once took for granted.

Case in point:  My hat.

The real story behind my hat is that it was given to me by a gypsy violin player after a concert in Prague, years before I had any involvement with Niantic, the NIA, the NSA, any of it.  I had just admired the hat and the violin player insisted that I have it.  So I accepted it with deep gratitude.  Wore that thing for years and then entered a hatless phase of my life.  A few years later, enter my old buddy, Henry Bowles with a mysterious job offer,  ADA.  Mix in a little Truthseeker.  Shake and pour.  Oh yeah, and that infamous coding incident…

One night, during that time period, when my mind was on overload, confused by what ADA had to say, I grabbed my coat and saw that hat in my closet.  I put it on and went for a walk.  Immediately, I felt calmer, clearer than I had been in months.  It was during that walk that I made the decision that I had to reveal what I knew.  Not a light decision as you can imagine.  The pseudonym P.A. Chapeau was therefore appropriately fitting.  

In the years that have now passed, I have worn that hat many times.  Largely when I wish to reveal myself in public but also, at times in private when I wish to clear my head.  Somehow, whenever I wear that hat, I find myself able to think without the clutter and noise...without outside influence.  And I feel much safer.

We always make fun of the tinfoil hat concept’s the freaky question, why does this hat and only this hat, do that for me?  Is it a placebo effect or does this hat actually have properties that block the effects of Exotic Matter, Dark XM and other influences?  Think about how many things H. Richard Loeb has had to worry about in the last three years.  Not just my own survival but the survival of those I care about.  Starting to see where I’m going with this?  It sounds like crazy talk but nothing about any of this has been sane.  Of course I could have the hat tested but that would probably involve me handing myself over to some folks who may not be very happy with me.  And could I even trust their results?  Could the opposite be true?  Is my hat actually an XM source?

The point of the story is this:  If I have taken the Truth about my hat for granted all this time, what other underlying assumptions have I not questioned enough?  Perhaps now, you either think I’m totally nuts or you realize why I am more and more reluctant to believe the Truth as opposed to seek the Truth.  

Still with me?  OK, then if my hat actually has XM properties one way or the other, shield or source, then perhaps the question I really need to answer is: Who was the gypsy violin player?

Down the rabbit hole once more… never once considering how in the world we are to get out again.