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#INGRESSREPORT is live. #Abaddon: New Taipei City, Hamburg and New Orleans, Vanguard Medal and more.

From New Orleans, Susanna Moyer reports on the first day of #Abaddon XM Anomalies, which swept across New Taipei City, Bangkok, Manila and Sydney (0:40), followed by Hamburg, Edinburgh, Seville and Zagreb (3:02) and finally New Orleans, Charlotte, Guatemala City and Pittsburgh (5:11). 

The day was marked with intense competition between thousands of Agents on the ground, epic Shard Operations and incredible Fielding efforts. When the dust settled, the Enlightened emerged with a victory in hand, gaining control of Dr. Oliver Lynton-Wolfe. The Resistance gained two victories, taking control of Dr. Victor Kureze and Dr. Martin Schubert. However, with three XM Anomalies remaining in December, much remains at hand as we race towards the #Abaddon Finale (9:04). The fates of A Detection Algorithm, Roland Jarvis and Ezekiel Calvin hang in the balance.

In New Orleans, Agents participated in GORUCK Spec-Op Training exercises to earn Volatile Portal intel for their Factions (7:14), and in both Hamburg and New Orleans, Agents took part in  Ingress #MissionDays, exploring the charm and history of these beautiful cities (9:48).

From New Taipei City, a message from Oliver Lynton-Wolfe emerged on the ground (2:36). In Hamburg, Klue S.'s search for a lost page of Carrie Campbell's 'Voynich' journal struck paydirt (5:02), and in New Orleans, Hank Johnson pursued a lost story possibly penned by Robert E. Howard that could shed light on the history of Anti-Magnus (5:18).

In Lyon, France and Khabarovsk, Russia, Cross-Faction groups of Agents engaged in incredible Field Art Operations (9:58).

A new medal, the Vanguard, will be made available to L3+ Agents across the world to mark the 3rd year of the Ingress Scanner App (10:33).

And news has just emerged of a live investigation hangout with the founder of Operation: Essex, Dr. Edgar Allan Wright, which will take place on Tuesday of next week (10:53). 

The next #Abaddon Anomalies are approaching rapidly, find more details at ingress.com/events. The next Ingress First Saturday is just around the corner, on December 5th. Stay tuned for details.

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